SUMMER 2019 Program begins JULY 8, 2019

SVA's Pre-College Program is designed for high school students who want to enhance their creative skills, learn more about a particular field of art, develop a portfolio and experience the challenges and triumphs that exist at one of the most dynamic colleges.

SVA's Pre-College Program offers courses taught by the same faculty of leading art professionals who teach in the college's undergraduate degree programs. Students will explore the fundamentals of art and design at a level not readily available in high school.

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Precollege Studio is an advanced course designed for students who have prior photography experience. Students will learn continuous and non-continuous lighting techniques and build a body of work in the genre of their choice (portrait, fashion, still life, fine art). Students will have the opportunity to shoot on location and work with models. The emphasis in this course is on creative expression and developing a unique body of work that reflects the student's personal vision.


Experimental Video

The Experimental Video course will explore the technical and conceptual possibilities of the moving image. Students will learn pre-production, production, and post-production techniques and focus on articulating their interests in a narrative form. Students will complete the course with two final videos.



Darkroom Photography will cover the creative and technical aspects of analogue black and white photography. Students will shoot on location in the city, as well as independently outside of class. The majority of class time will be spent learning film developing and printing techniques in the darkroom. Demonstrations will include: film loading, metering, and exposure methods with a manual film camera; chemical handling and use; developing techniques; contact printing, printing, and dodging and burning. There will be regular in-class critiques, and students will complete the course with a portfolio of their work. 



Digital Photography focuses on the creative and technical fundamentals of digital photography. Students will photograph using a digital SLR and will cover topics including f-stops, shutter speeds, and ISO, as well as information about lenses, file formats, and white balance. We will use Adobe Lightroom to create a file management system and import, develop, and export and print images. There will be regular class critiques, as well as discussions about significant art and photographs. There will be one field trip to a gallery and two to three outings to photograph. Students will complete the course with a portfolio of their work.