SVA’s BFA Photography & Video Department in the heart of New York City is at the epicenter of culture, art, commerce, fashion, activism and history.  Our unbeatable position and renowned faculty of over 80 professionals immediately connect our students to a remarkable network.  Our alumni go on to work successfully in all creative fields and tend to hire our recent graduates because of a shared language and impressive track record.

- Joseph Maida, Chair BFA Photography and Video






All of our classrooms are "smart" rooms with a laptop and an apple TV, a projector, white-boards, and magnetic walls for easy critiques.


B&W darkrooms

Our department has three darkrooms. A large darkroom with 22 enlargers, a smaller darkroom with five enlargers including an 8x10 enlarger, and an alternative process darkroom. The white lights area has RC and fiber print dryers, a rock washer, dry-mount presses, film dryers and a film loading station.

Our state of the art darkrooms feature one large gang darkroom with 24 Omega D5XL enlargers. Each has a condenser capable of enlarging up to 4×5 inch negatives. We also have a smaller darkroom equipped with an 8×10-capable dichroic enlarger, two 4×5-capable dichroic enlargers and two Omega D5XL enlargers. Nested between the two darkrooms is a black and white film processing area with chemistry, a film loading chamber, roll film washers, film drying units, and a high-volume print washer. We also have a finishing area  equipped with two dry-mount presses and a roto-trim. In addition, we have an Alternative Process darkroom equipment with chemistry for numerous less-used photographic processes and tray film processing.


digital labs

The BFA Photo and Video department has five Digital Imaging Labs available for student usage. The labs are equipped with MacPros which have a full complement of Digital Imaging Software (including Adobe Creative Suite, Lightroom, and on some stations Final Cut Pro). The Digital Labs are fully Color Managed and students have access to Eye One Pro systems for building custom paper profiles for printing.



The BFA Photography and Video department has nine studio spaces that are available for student usage. Each studio is equipped with c-stands, chairs, apple boxes, sandbags, reflector cards and a variety of colored seamless paper rolls. For student’s convenience all studios come with an assortment of Profoto lighting equipment and accessories. Studios can be reserved in 3-hour time blocks.



The Hub is located on the 6th floor. Here, students can check out additional studio materials for on-campus and 24-hour off-campus use. You can download a full equipment list here



The BFA Photo and Video department has gallery spaces throughout the 2nd, 4th, and 5th floors, with gallery lighting. The galleries exist to give students an opportunity to share, and thus develop, their work. They also allow students to experience the process of curating, installing and exhibiting work.