2nd Year Curriculum


Studio I | PHD-2040

The techniques of shooting in the studio are covered in this course. Working in both a daylight studio and in a studio with incandescent lights and strobe lighting will be explored. Exercises in still life, portraiture and other aspects of studio photography and video will be given; 4x5", medium format, 35mm cameras and digital capture will be used.

Studio II | PHD-2045 

This is the second part of a two-semester course. Please see PHD-2040 for course description. Note: Students must register for the spring semester course section that corresponds to their fall section of this course.

Critique I & II | PHD-2060 & PHD-2065 

Critique initiates an in-depth conversation about photography and video as driven by content, and each student’s exploration of subject matter. Intention and articulation will be emphasized. Note: Please bring your portfolio to the first session. 

The Critical Eye I: Writing, Reading, Seeing, Discussing | PHD-2070 

This course will introduce the photography and video student to critical discourse. Its aim is to enhance in-class dialogue through readings, writing, and the methodology of observation and criticality, to serve aesthetic production in all photographic and video genres.  

Visual Literacy | PHD-2075 

This course covers the history of photography from the postwar period to present day, articulating movements, tendencies and styles that have positioned the medium as a central visual art as well as a social, cultural, and political currency. We will identify the prominent figures that appear in contemporary photographic canons while addressing the inherent bias of singular histories. By the end of the course, students will not only be literate in naming and recognizing familiar figures in the medium’s recent practice but should also be able to articulate their own needs in deeply understanding specific photographic histories while being aware of others.

Video II | PHD-2090 

This course expands upon the technical concepts introduced in PHD-1110, Video I. Its emphasis will be on an enhanced understanding of the medium through critical discourse. 

Intermediate Digital Photography | PHD-2092 through PHD-2096 

Having mastered fundamental digital processes, each student chooses an area of digital specialization of interest and relevance to their future photographic activity. Please refer to individual course descriptions that follow. 

Intermediate Digital Photography: Fashion and Beauty | PHD-2092

Intermediate Digital Photography: The Fine Art of Digital Compositing | PHD-2093

Intermediate Digital Photography: Printmaking and Color Management | PHD-2094

Intermediate Digital Photography: Branding Yourself | PHD-2096

The Professional Community | PHD-2120 

Through a series of field trips and lectures, students will become familiar with the varied aspects of the professional photographic and video community. Students will also develop an in-depth understanding of self-promotion and résumé building, and skills required for professional communication. Trips to galleries, museums, studios and auction houses, to name a few, will give students firsthand knowledge of professional opportunities. Through guest lecturers, a variety of topics will be addressed: from copyright law to how to work with design, advertising and stock agencies, as well as magazines and book publishers. Other practical topics will include grant writing; portfolio design; introducing work to galleries, museum and nonprofit spaces; and alternative means of presentation.